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   FAMILY is the most important thing to us! So doing anything that includes Family time is a plus in our books.

Each trip out into our wood our children, dogs, family and friends are welcome to join in on the fun. We pride ourselves in great hard working ethics and instill that into our children. Just think someday it will be them walking in these same woods, tapping the same maple trees as we have, as our parents and their parents have before them. Traditions are as sweet as our Maple Syrup. Hope you enjoy a peek into our adventures.

season 2018
Papa Rick found a treasure today
The pups got some exercise in the woods
2 different trees blended together  Maple on the left, ash on the right
Shout out to my folks for putting in hours out in the woods!!! #hardworkingparents_#saptosyrup
Kiddos having a blast in the woods
Little tappers #saplings
Zoey and Hunter found a  critter's home
Papa Rick getting his steps in.
School skipper needed some fresh air
Too short_! No problem,  nature provides step stools!
Drip drip
Great Grandma enjoying the events
Throw back to last helper _tapped_ out
No matter the challenge, our little saplings are up for it! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Look how much our little bear cub has grown into a little sapling
Starting to tap trees
It's running #thesweetstuff
Tall and sweet!

            Check back often as you use Maple Syrup

 (if you are like us, just keep this website up all the time) We are always on an adventure and would love to show you more!

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